GradientShop: A Gradient-Domain Optimization Framework

for Image and Video Filtering




GradientShop is a new way for graphics programmers to define image and video filters. Instead of simply writing a function that processes the input pixel colors, the framework also allows the programmer to process the input pixel gradients (i.e., differences between pixel neighbors). This simple shift in the filter paradigm allows the creation of powerful image processing applications with very few lines of code. Each filter shown here was written using less than 200 lines of C++ code by leveraging the GradientShop API.

To demonstrate the utility of the GradientShop API we have developed several image processing applications, which include: saliency sharpening, non-photorealistic rendering, de-blocking, video de-flickering, psuedo image re-lighting and sparse data interpolation (e.g., colorization).


Demo videos




GradientShop: A novel approach to image and video processing from pro on Vimeo.

Painterly rendering using GradientShop from pro on Vimeo.



Demo applications (coming soon)