Motion Fields for Interactive Character Animation
We propose a structureless representation of motion data and control that enables intelligent characters with both highly agile responses to user input and natural handling of arbitrary external disturbances. The representation organizes motion data as samples in a high dimensional generalization of a vector field we call a 'motion field'. Our runtime motion synthesis mechanism freely 'flows' in the motion field and is capable of creating novel and natural motions that are highly-responsive to the real time user input, and generally not explicitly specified in the data.
Project Members
Yongjoon Lee
Kevin Wampler
Gilbert Bernstein
Jovan Popović
Zoran Popović
Motion Field for Interactive Character Animation
Yongjoon Lee, Kevin Wampler, Gilbert Bernstein, Jovan Popović, Zoran Popović
ACM Transactions on Graphics 29(5) (SIGGRAPH Asia 2010)
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University of Washington Animation Research Labs
National Science Foundation
Microsoft Research