Multiresolution Video

This is the Web page for the "multiresolution video" project of the graphics group at the University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Right now there is not much here, but we didn't want to defile the Web with yet another "under construction" image. Check back here for updates, especially after the SIGGRAPH rush dies down. Most recent update: July 23, 1996.


We are working on a new kind of video that allows for different levels of detail in different parts of a video clip, both spatially and temporally.

For example, suppose we had a video clip of a bee flying around a room:

With multiresolution video, it is easy to represent the bee with higher spatial resolution than the rest of the clip, making it possible to zoom in and see the bee more closely...

Zooming in again....

It is also possible to zoom in temporally, to see a sharper version of the bee by slowing the video down:


The Paper

The paper will appear in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 1996.

To acquire a Postscript version with color images, shift-click here. (It is 3.5 Meg, after being compressed with gzip.)

To get a Postscript version without color images, shift-click here. (55K, after being compressed with gzip.)

Or, if you have an Adobe Acrobat reader or plug-in, click here to get a version with images (670K, not compressed).

If these don't work for you, you can get the files by ftp from here.

The Authors