3D Time-lapse Reconstruction from Internet Photos

Ricardo Martin-Brualla1     David Gallup2     Steven M. Seitz1,2
1University of Washington     2Google Inc.

To appear at ICCV 2015 (oral)


Given an Internet photo collection of a landmark, we compute a 3D time-lapse video sequence where a virtual camera moves continuously in time and space. While previous work assumed a static camera, the addition of camera motion during the time-lapse creates a very compelling impression of parallax. Achieving this goal, however, requires addressing multiple technical challenges, including solving for time-varying depth maps, regularizing 3D point color profiles over time, and reconstructing high quality, hole-free images at every frame from the projected profiles. Our results show photorealistic time-lapses of skylines and natural scenes over many years, with dramatic parallax effects.


3D Time-lapse Reconstruction from Internet Photos (PDF | BibTeX )
Ricardo Martin-Brualla, David Gallup & Steve M. Seitz
To appear in ICCV 2015


See our previous paper Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos that appeared at SIGGRAPH'15.

Photo Credits

We thank the following Flickr users for contributing their photos under the Creative Commons license: Eric Astrauskas, Francisco Antunes, Florian Plag, Dan Dickinson, Butterbean and Alex Proimos.


The research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (IIS-1250793), the Animation Research Labs, and Google.