Time-Travel Rephotography

Supplementary Materials

We evaluate our methods on two sets of images. We hand-picked a set of showcase photos of the most interesting portraits of historical figures. To conduct a fair and comprehensive user study, we also construct a diverse test benchmark, Historical Wiki Face Dataset, auto-selected by crawling Wikipedia. Our benchmark covers diverse styles and ethnic groups of important historical people.

In this supplementary material, we present a full table of comparisons with other baselines over on both the showcase set and the Historical Wiki Face Dataset. We also compare the restored antique photos with ground truth modern color photos. Then the PDF supplementary material describes our effects of Color Transfer Loss and implementation details.

Comparison with Baselines

Showcase Photos of the Most Interesting Portraits of Historical Figures

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Historical Wiki Face Dataset

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Antique vs. Modern Photographic Processes

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Please refer to this spreadsheet for the license to use each of the images in our paper and the collections above.

PDF Supplementary Material [File]