Multiperspective Imaging

Steven M. Seitz and Jiwon Kim


Although human vision has evolved with perspective optics, perspective images provide a limited field of view, allowing us to see only one side of an object at once. Multiperspective images, on the other hand, capture more than one point of view in a single image. They not only enable a richer and more complete visualization, but they are also well-suited for computer vision algorithms such as stereo reconstruction and motion analysis.
Below we demonstrate some results of our research in multiperspective imaging. For more information, please refer to our article entitled Multiperspective Imaging, to appear in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2003 November/December edition.

Images and Videos

Click here for high-res versions of figures in the paper.

Image (click to enlarge) Video
Residential Street Stereo pushbroom *
Input Video
Pushbroom Video
Human Head Stereo cyclograph
Input Video
Cyclograph Video
Toy Horse Stereo cyclograph
Input Video
Cyclograph Video
Supermarket Input Video
Train full resolution, beginning only
10/86 resolution, entire train
10/86 x, full resolution y, entire train
No video available
* Free 3D red-blue glasses can be ordered from Rainbow Symphony, Inc.

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We wish to thank David Dewey for providing the train image. Kiera Henning and David Salesin helped us develop the tool used to create the supermarket image.
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