PhotoCity is a game for reconstructing the world in 3D out of photos. Players take pictures of building exteriors from all different angles, which are then used to automatically generate 3D models and calculate virtual ownership of the buildings.

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Kathleen Tuite -- CSE, GRAIL, Center for Game Science, University of Washington
Noah Snavely -- CS, Cornell University
Zoran Popović -- CSE, GRAIL, Center for Game Science, University of Washington

Dun-yu Hsiao
Nadine Tabing
Sylvia Tashev





The success of PhotoCity depends on innovation in the area of computer vision. Other work we make use of includes:


We're collecting some of the largest photo collections of single locations, like the Arts Quad at Cornell:

Contact us if you'd like to use any of these datasets. We have about 50,000 photos each of UW and Cornell campuses.


This work is supported by Intel, Google, and Microsoft.

We would like to thank all the PhotoCity players who have contributed thousands of photos and tons of invaluable feedback so far.

We would also like to thank Adam Smith and Brendan Burns for their contributions, and the folks at the Smithsonian Institute 3D digitization department for inviting us out to the Folklife Festival in DC.