Articulated Body Deformation from Range Scan Data

Brett Allen          Brian Curless          Zoran Popović


This paper presents an example-based method for calculating skeleton-driven body deformations. Our example data consists of range scans of a human body in a variety of poses. Using markers captured during range scanning, we construct a kinematic skeleton and identify the pose of each scan. We then construct a mutually consistent parameterization of all the scans using a posable subdivision surface template. The detail deformations are represented as displacements from this surface, and holes are filled smoothly within the displacement maps. Finally, we combine the range scans using k-nearest neighbor interpolation in pose space. We demonstrate results for a human upper body with controllable pose, kinematics, and underlying surface shape.


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ALLEN, B., CURLESS, B., and POPOVIĆ, Z. 2002. Articulated body deformation from range scan data. ACM Transactions on Graphics (ACM SIGGRAPH 2002), 21, 3, 612-619.

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