Facial Expression Research Group 2D Database (FERG-DB)
Figure 1. Sample images from the database. Top row (left to right): character Aia with expression 'fear', character Bonnie with expression 'joy' and character Jules with expression 'disgust'. Bottom row (left to right): character Malcolm with expression 'sadness', character Mery with expression 'neutral' and character Ray with expression 'surprise'.


Facial Expression Research Group 2D Database (FERG-DB) is a database of 2D images of stylized characters with annotated facial expressions. The database contains 55767 annotated face images of six stylized characters (3 males and 3 females) - Ray, Malcolm, Jules, Bonnie, Mery and Aia. The characters were modeled using the MAYA software and rendered out in 2D to create the images. The images for each character are grouped into seven types of expressions - anger, disgust, fear, joy, neutral, sadness and surprise. Figure 1 shows a few sample images from our database. More description about this database can be found in our paper.



If you use this dataset, please cite our paper:

  title={Modeling Stylized Character Expressions via Deep Learning},
  author={Aneja, Deepali and Colburn, Alex and Faigin, Gary and Shapiro, Linda and Mones, Barbara},
  booktitle={Asian Conference on Computer Vision},


Database access

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We would like to thank Jamie Austad for creating our stylized character database. We would also like to thank the creators of the rigs we used in our project: Mery (www.meryproject.com), Ray (CGTarian Online School), Malcolm (www.animSchool.com), Aia and Jules (www.animationmentor.com), and Bonnie (Josh Sobel Rigs).