ply2vri is a simple command line tool for converting triangle meshes in PLY format into signed-distance volumetric grids in VRI format. This is particularly useful if you want to try out Stanford's Volfill hole-filling software.


The current release is version 1.1. The zip file includes a Windows executable, source code, Visual Studio project file, and Linux makefile:


The command line parameters for ply2vri are:

The input file should be a PLY file containing a triangle mesh or triangle strips. The form of the output depends on the extension given: The possible options are as follows:


Below is an example of an input triangle mesh and the resulting volumetric distance field, displayed as a series of cross-sections:


This software is Copyright (c) 2002 University of Washington. Use at your own risk. The full license for this software can be found here: license.txt

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