Eric J. Stollnitz
University of Washington

Tony D. DeRose
Pixar Animation Studios

David H. Salesin
University of Washington


We apologize to our readers for the following mistakes in our book:

Page 16 The superscript 0 and subscript 1 on psi should be exchanged in line 3 of Section 2.3:

Page 26 Figure 3.3 has three incorrect labels:
  • third row from top, third column from left: change phi to psi
  • fourth row, second column: exchange phi and psi
  • fourth row, third column: exchange phi and psi
Here's the correct figure:

Page 27 In Figure 3.4, the label in the fourth row, second column should have a superscript 0, not 1:

Pages 83-84 Equations 7.7 and 7.8 and the next displayed equation show the letter `l' in the wrong font (11 occurrences), making it easily mistaken for a one. The `l' should be in a script font as on page 86:

Page 86 The top row of Equation 7.11 should begin with the inner product of phi and phi:

Page 159 The psi in the bottom row of the displayed equation should have a horizontal line above it, not a tilde:

Thanks to Adam Finkelstein and Ron Perry for pointing out mistakes.

<stoll@amath.washington.edu> 12:31 pm, 21 July 1997