Copy all the downloaded ply files (including "aaa.ply") to a folder, say say "c:\foo". Then you want to describe the ply files in an ascii file and let see3D render them. The description file is one of the downloaded files, named "face205.msq". Please open it with a text editer:

Change the first line to
(This is a template, defining connectivity.)

Change the second line to
(This is the name pattern of the sequence.)

Leave the 3 numbers in the third row unchanged.
(These are first, incremental, and last frame index.)

Associate msq file type with see3d.exe, and then double-click face205.msq.

After all the ply files are loaded (taking a few minutes), press "play" button to start viewing the sequence. Increase or descreae "pause" (in milisecond) to change frame rate. Drag left button to rotate, right button to zoom, and middle button to translate.

If you also associate ply files to see3d.exe, you can view a ply file using see3d by double-clicking the ply file. You can open multiple ply files by repeatedly using menu "file->open mesh" and then browse through them by pressing "prev" and "next". You also delete one opened mesh with "delete" button.

Have fun until you crash it!