Howdy. I'll be describing some work my co-authors and I have been doing in the area of 3D photography. I will define this as capturing the shape and / or the color of objects in a form that can be manipulated in a 3D way. We're particular interested in shiny objects. The changing appearance with viewpoint makes these interesting and challenging objects. And, I believe, and I think that you will agree, a world without shiny objects would be a very dull place. laughter

We have derived our goals by looking at what people do with standard 2D photography and then asking how we can extend that to 3D. So obviously viewing / rendering is important (MOVIE), but we'd also like to be able to process and edit 3D photographs (crop them, warp them, etc.). In our work we have achieved the basic goal of rendering and we've made some progress on editing. Our problem then becomes: given inputs (photos and geometry) estimate some model that we can render and edit in 3D.

I'll start by briefly describing some related work that has tackled the rendering side of this problem.