The space of human body shapes:
reconstruction and parameterization from range scans

Brett Allen          Brian Curless          Zoran Popović


We develop a novel method for fitting high-resolution template meshes to detailed human body range scans with sparse 3D markers. We formulate an optimization problem in which the degrees of freedom are an affine transformation at each template vertex. The objective function is a weighted combination of three measures: proximity of transformed vertices to the range data, similarity between neighboring transformations, and proximity of sparse markers at corresponding locations on the template and target surface. We solve for the transformations with a non-linear optimizer, run at two resolutions to speed convergence. We demonstrate reconstruction and consistent parameterization of 250 human body models. With this parameterized set, we explore a variety of applications for human body modeling, including: morphing, texture transfer, statistical analysis of shape, model fitting from sparse markers, feature analysis to modify multiple correlated parameters (such as the weight and height of an individual), and transfer of surface detail and animation controls from a template to fitted models.


SIGGRAPH 2003 paper:

SIGGRAPH 2003 video: