Refocusing Plenoptic Images Using Depth-Adaptive Splatting
Juliet Fiss1     Brian Curless1     Rick Szeliski2    
1University of Washington    2Microsoft Research

In this paper, we propose a simple, novel plane sweep technique for refocusing plenoptic images. Rays are projected directly from the raw plenoptic image captured on the sensor into the output image plane, without computing intermediate representations such as subaperture views or epipolar images. Interpolation is performed in the output image plane using splatting. The splat kernel for each ray is adjusted adaptively, based on the refocus depth and an estimate of the depth at which that ray intersects the scene. This adaptive interpolation method antialiases out-of-focus regions, while keeping in-focus regions sharp. We test the proposed method on images from a Lytro camera and compare our results with those from the Lytro SDK. Additionally, we provide a thorough discussion of our calibration and preprocessing pipeline for this camera.
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