Millennial Open Symposium
on the Arts and Interdisciplinary Computing

21-24 August, 2000
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington


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Whenever mathematics has encountered the arts, works of subtle beauty and harmony have emerged. The discovery of mathematical perspective during the Renaissance revolutionized painting. The interest in four-dimensional geometry during the early part of this century motivated the idea of multiple viewpoints in cubism. The Islamic art that M.C. Escher found during his visits to the Alhambra inspired him to create tilings using animal forms. More recently, the Torqued Ellipses of Richard Serra were deeply influenced by mathematics and architecture.

MOSAIC 2000 will bring together artists, mathematicians, and architects as well as computer scientists, musicians, writers, dancers and poets to explore the opportunities at the intersections of their fields. The symposium will feature an exciting series of invited presentations from artists and researchers around the world, refereed paper presentations, and informal discussion on topics chosen based on the interests of conference participants. There will also be an informal display area open to all participants to exhibit visual art, sculpture, puzzles, and other objects of interest.

If you have questions, desire more information, or are interested in leading a workshop or seminar, please contact the conference committee at You can also keep abreast of announcements and updates by subscribing to the MOSAIC 2000 mailing list.

We hope you can join us for this enlightening and energizing experience!

MOSAIC 2000 is sponsored by the University of Washington Animation Research Labs, Microsoft Research and Pixar Animation Studios.

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