Body Scan Data

Available here is a collection of partial body scans in various poses:

Software and code for reading ply files can be found on the page for the Stanford scanning repository.

These scans were taken with a Cyberware whole body scanner, and combined with the Vrip package. (Some scans show a seam from where my alignment wasn't quite right.)

These scans were used in the paper "Articulated Body Deformation from Range Scan Data," by Brett Allen, Brian Curless, and Zoran Popović, presented at SIGGRAPH 2002.

Please be sure to acknowledge the University of Washington Graphics and Imaging Laboratory when using this data. You are welcome to use the data for research purposes. It is not to be used for commercial purposes, nor should it appear in a product for sale without our permission.

Here's some bonus information about the arm dataset:

The scans have been cropped to include just the shoulder, arm and hand (and the plastic tube held in the hand). Each scan is around 80K triangles.

The naming convention is as follows:

  • the first digit describes the elbow bend: 0 = 0°, 1 = 60°, 2 = 90°, 3 = 130°
  • the second digit describes the elbow twist: 0 = 0° 1 = 60°, 2 = 130°
  • the third digit describes the wrist flexion: 0 = -45° or 30°, 1 = 0°, 2 = 30° or -45° (there is some confusion here)
All angles are, of course, approximate. If you want an estimation of the skeleton for each arm, you can download, which contains the corresponding skeletons and a description of the file format.

Prior to scanning, 48 markers were placed on the arm using costume makeup. We have picked out the 3D position of each of these markers, and you can download them in

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